Enter Practical Pentest Labs. We provide everything you need to start applying the information you’re learning. With a wide range of vulnerable-by-design hosts that are constantly updated to keep your skills current, our virtual labs are geared towards everyone interested in learning the art of vulnerabilities discovery, exploitation and development.

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Learn & Practice

Our networks are intended to cover all the basics of hacking and walk learners through more advanced techniques as they go

Web Hacking

This network contain a number of vulnerable by design machines which are intended to walk you through the art of web hacking step by step from SQLI, XSS, LFI .. etc to more advanced exploits.

Windows Exploitation

The network is designed in a way to help beginners advance their skills by understanding and practicing different windows exploit development techniques from Saved Return Pointer Overflows to Return Oriented Programming (ROP)


In this network there are vulnerable hosts that contain challenges of both above networks with no tutorials or hints (this is considered as a test for what was learned previously).

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