Welcome to the new Forum!

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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce our new forum, this can be used as a medium to communicate with fellow information security learners and enthusiasts.

Currently we have 4 sections:

  • ANNOUNCEMENTS & UPDATES (ADMINS): This section is to be used by support to push announcements and updates regarding the platform.

  • FREE AREA (USERS): This section can be used by Free members to help each other with the free labs and share knowledge.

  • VIP AREA (USERS): VIP members can use this section to communicate course content, vip labs and exercises.

  • BACKUP - FORUM 1.0 (ADMINS): We preserved all of the posts from the previous forum and pushed it to this section.

We are thrilled about this, we are also planning to push lots of changes in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned! If you are not a PPL member, make sure to signup at:


1 year ago

Like the new forum page! Awesome

1 year ago

Thanks for setting this up! I was starting to think you abandoned us.