At PracticalPentestLabs we always try to give the best experience for our users, ranging from giving a great 1-on-1 support to the awesome course and labs materials. Here are *some* of the reviews we received :

Daniel Apolinario

Information Technology Analyst

All the training is practical and that makes all the difference in learning. In the security area, only theory is a vulnerability!
Submitted 5/4/19, 3:49 PM


Technical Consultant

I've had so much fun with the PracticalPentestLabs team in learning new things. It's been such a great investment for my personal professional growth.



Due to time constraints, I haven't had much time in the labs. But from what I have worked with, I would have to say it's legit. The support is very helpful and responsive. Thank you! I can see this product being sustainable.



HOLY COW! I don't know how they do it, but the support is Amazing! The course is great fun, the labs are top shelf, This is exactly what I was looking for, and the price is a steal! Thank You PPL :)

Mohd Hamizi

Subject Matter Expert has teach me a lot in my Pentest project and also their way of module arrangement was so easy to understand. I also had use as a guide in my Pentest Training and also help my student to do more exercises.


Threat Intelligence Analyst

Very nice platform to develop your skills, and brush up on some that you may have forgotten. Highly recommended.

Glenn Burton

Cyber Security Enthusiast

"Fairly new to Penetration Testing- about 3 years in. I have A+, CEH , CCNA Cyber Ops. I can honestly say that the experience here with PPL has been nothing less than awesome. I have learned a lot of things through hands and learning along with amazing speedy-support! I highly recommend PPL!."

Tom West

Security Learner

Positive learning and testing environment of network and system security.


Senior Consultant

"There are no words to describe the experience , just go with the flow with the existing exercises and challenges for different badges and believe me you will do wonder after learning the concepts while doing the Pen Test."

Leroyal Stevenson

Red Team Operator/Navy Red Team

"This course has been a God-send. I am so thankful for this course and the free targets to engage. Most resources related to these types of topics are highly expensive and vague. I would recommend this course over any other course, for people looking to understand a broad range of Penetration Testing concepts. "

Eddy Fast

ICS engineer

"First time I have tried exploiting boxes. A nice spread of different difficulties and required techniques. It has been very useful to find out where the holes in my knowledge are. Thanks."


Security Consultant

"PracticalPentestLabs has provided an excellent learning environment with lots of "right to the point" exercises and just enough in most descriptions to keep you going. It's a great mix of leading the way but making you work to beat the exercise."


Red Team Operator

"Excellent Service have been recommending to all at college and work."


Senior Cyber Security Analyst

"I needed to brush up on some long forgotten skills to help me along in my job and this was the perfect place to do that."


Our 100% hands-on course

We at Practical Pentesting strongly believe in the "Practical" aspect of our course. We teach valuable skills not just ideas. We will take you step by step through all aspects of hacking from A to Z covering dozens of techniques and a variety of offensive security tools.